Lapponia House - pure wood.

Lapponia House has renewed. With more than 40 years of experience, we are now introducing new innovative thermolog homes.


The leading products are breathable eco-thermal houses. , The walls can be equipped with genuine wood fiber insulating material.


The new line is built with steady production quality. The structures are not exposed to outside moisture.


The thermo log houses have high-quality composite frame windows that open inwards and dip into the ventilation position.


As an option we can supply solar panels and various heat pumps. We will continue to supply traditional Lapponia thermo log houses with different delivery contents.


We serve you in all aspects of wooden construction.

Jouko Riihimäki

Founder of Lapponia House


Lapponia 171


Lapponia 154


Lapponia 85


Lapponia 128 B


Lapponia 45 + loft 9


Lapponia 58 + loft 21

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Architect's thoughts:

- The starting point for design has been the spacious, bright spaces and the spacious design of the rooms. The unique needs of today require accommodation to accommodate varying needs. Residential and recreational activities will naturally find their own spaces in the collection of dwellings.

Brightness and contact with the surrounding nature is enhanced by the windows accessible to the floor of the main room. In addition, the balconies and terraces of the houses combine the building with its surroundings and, if necessary, provide protection and peace of mind.

The design of laundry and sauna spaces has also focused on openness and brightness. Especially in the washrooms, access to natural light was an important goal. The washing facilities are of high quality and simple to suit the demanding user needs.

Tero Ahava,
Architect SAFA

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Lapponia House has many prefabricated solutions and solutions tailored to various needs with different material alternatives and mounting capabilities. 


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