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Building permit Images
We provide building permit pictures and foundation dimensioning.
Structure Pictures
We design structural pictures for production and installation. We also include materials related to delivery related to structural design.
Plumbing drawings
We design house piping and ventilation work based on the customer's input data.


Electrical Drawings
We design the house's electricity and lighting based on the customer's input data.


Interior Design
We design all the house surfaces and the fixed furniture.
We also design outboard furniture according to customer's wishes.


Pre-Cut houses
Supporting structures and wind shielding plates
We install all load-bearing structures and windshield panels on the walls and the roof covering roof.
Prefabricated houses
Weather-protected installation
We will install the house from the weather protected by the delivery specification.
Weather-protected installation
The weatherproof installation includes the installation of exterior walls, load-bearing partitions, load-bearing roof structures, floor coverings and fasteners.
Out-of-the-box installation
We will install the house externally according to the delivery specification.
Installation of wood supply
We install all parts of the house according to the delivery specifications


Turn-Key installation
We deliver and install the house as ready to move. Delivery includes all materials and work inside the house.





Project management
We will take over the entire project management where we take the turnkey principle of all project-related tasks.

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Construction Master
Head designer


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