Tuhansien talotoimitusten kokemus yli 40 vuoden ajalta.

Palkittua osaamista kaikilla puumateriaalivaihtoehdoilla.


Thousands of house deliveries over 40 years.
Award-winning expertise with all wood material alternatives.


Тысячи домов до 40 лет. Превосходный опыт со всеми альтернативами древесных материалов.

Tusentals hemleverans erfarenhet över 40 år.
Prisbelönad expertis med alla trämaterialalternativ.

​​​​​​Riihitontuntie 1, Vantaa, Finland | Tel.: (+358) 040 5464996 | Rekisteriseloste

Owner of the registered trademark / Rekisteröidyn tuotemerkin omistaja: Momo House Oy


e-mail: info@lapponiahouse.com

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Made in Finland

Award-winning ecological log homes for healthy living. 

Made In Finland


Lapponia has been the trusted partner for over 40 years in thermolog house deliveries worldwide.

Lapponia's advanced thermolog wall (u-value 0,17) with qenuine wood fiber insulation is fully organic and is superior in insulating cold and heat 3 x times better than traditional massive log walls. Thermolog with wood fiber also improves energy efficiency considerably when compared to conventional mineral wool insulation. The cost of thermo log construction is lower compared to traditional log construction.


Wood improves air quality balance by absorbing and releasing moisture. The British Columbia study showed that the visual presence of the wood diminishes stress effect on sympathetic nerve system (SNS), reinforcing the positive relationship between wood and human health. The natural beauty and warmth of wood have demonstrated improved productivity and performance in schools, offices and hospital patients. 


We use the cleanest timber from sertified Finnish forests. Wood construction produces environmentally friendly and resource-efficient structures throughout the building lifecycle - design, construction, operation, maintenance and refurbishment.

Enjoy our house models and contact us to discuss more.

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Petteri Pietikäinen

Lapponia House

Sales director

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